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Our style and quality have led us to be a leading company in men's underwear in the country.

Lovers of color

We are a brand aimed at young and daring but above all with good taste.

Fair Work

We want to contribute to the development of the country, that is why we reward the effort of our team.

Who and Where is JOR made?

JOR UNDERWEAR & SWIMWEAR is a Colombian brand designed, produced and marketed by CI CONECCIÓN 3 LTDA., A company with more than 10 years of experience in the men’s underwear and men’s swimwear market.

Our brand is committed to fashion and its productive chain. We offer the world, the best Colombian talent in Design and Quality, giving each of our garments the Latino Spirit that identifies the brand.

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Our mission

We want to be an international reference in the Colombian fashion industry, achieving recognition for the originality, style and quality of each of our garments.

We have defined our segment in the world of underwear and swimsuits, such as POP UNDERWEAR & SWIMWEAR. We produce garments with great fashion content, high quality raw materials, clothing and raw materials from Colombia, giving our clients striking and comfortable intimate garments that achieve added value and differentiation in the market.

JOR is a brand aimed at the young and daring man, lover of color, who likes to wear different clothes, good taste and excellent quality.
The JOR man is the one capable of being his own star, who likes to impose a tendency instead of following it.

For JOR it is very important that our clients know what in our Production process, we guarantee the fair work to each of our employees and suppliers. With this we contribute to the development of Colombia, and we reward the effort of each one of the people who are part of our production process.

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