What interior to use? Cotton or Microfiber

Undoubtedly one of the biggest dilemmas when buying underwear is to determine what material it should be, since we know that there are several types in the market. The most common are: cotton, micro polyester fiber or nylon. But which of these to choose? since each one has different advantages and benefits. Here we will tell you what they are.

It is a natural fiber of the most used in the world similar to silk and linen. This fiber in particular, has as its main characteristic, that it absorbs liquids and also expels body heat.

In JOR we know these properties, so much of our products are made of this material that is special for those who sweat a lot whether they do physical activity, work outdoors or only for those who are partying at the bar. JOR is always thinking of providing the greatest comfort in the garments it makes.

It is a fabric made with ultra thin fibers. There are nylon and polyester microfibers. These fabrics have high textile values such as softness, essential when choosing. In JOR we use them thinking about the comfort of the customers.

Nylon: it is one of the most resistant, elastic and durable fabrics. It was even used in the Second World War to elaborate elements of war due to its great benefits.

Nylon comes to JOR to be the material of those who want to be always fresh, this type of clothing is recommended for sports because its quick drying facilitates very hot climates and strong temperatures.

Polyester: it is a fabric that is obtained from petroleum after having gone through a chemical process, its benefits go around its lightness, it fits very well to the body has good elasticity, it is very resistant to high temperatures and bacteria in the environment. That is why in JOR we use this fabric to deliver it to our customers with the appropriate quality standards to achieve the complete satisfaction of those who wear our garments.