Your social networks:

Instagram: Felipejimenez15

Photographers you’ve worked with: 
German Velasquez, Cesar Karillo, Walter Aguirre, Jhonny Lopera, Jimmy Londoño

How many times do you train: 6 times a week

What is the part of your body that you like the most:
The part that I like best about my body is the Abdomen

Favorite color: Black – Gray

My diet consists of eating a balanced diet, I never have strict diets,
I only eat in a good way 365 days a year

Type of garment you use indoors: The type of underwear I like to wear is brief.

Where you were born: 
I was born in Florencia Caquetá, but I grew up in Medellín.

Make as long as you are model: I am model 7 years ago.

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