Age: 20 years

Where are you from? : -Alajuela, Costa Rica

What is your job? : -I study and make events, photos, etc as a model in Costa Rica.

How do you train? : -Entreno minimum 3 times per week trying to complete each muscle the body.

What sports do you practice or do you like? : -I like football a lot and try to practice it at least once a week.

Are you a father, tell us about it? -If I am a very young father of a beautiful girl named Aprill she is 3 years old, I am proud to know that since my 16 years in spite of everything I have been by her side and I have been able to support her in everything she needs.

What kind of underwear do you like? -Boxer preferably if they are from ☆ JOR

Favorite color? -The black

What do you like about JOR? -I like the incredible variety of their designs coupled with all the people’s taste and the excellent quality and comfort of their clothes is incredible.

What do you do in your free time? -I like to share with my friends and most of the free time dedicate it to my daughter.

Recommend us a place to visit in your country.? – Definitely the beaches of Guanacaste are incredible, Costa Rica is a very touristy country dibido to its natural beauty and certainly s anywhere that fence there is always some wonderful place.

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